Tryouts Will Be Held At RHS Encke Field

Players must have registered and submitted all required documentation prior to the scheduled tryout. Please reserve the dates below as appropriate for your child. Changes noted in Red Font.

What to Expect at Tryouts! (click for pdf)


2009/U9 Girls

Saturday, May 20       5:30-7pm


2009/U9 Boys

Saturday, May 20       7-8:30pm


2007/U11 Girls

Sunday, May 21          6:00-7:30pm


2007/U11 Boys

Sunday, May 21          7:30-9:00pm


2006/U12 Girls

Sunday, May 21          6:00-7:30pm


2006/U12 Boys

Sunday, May 21          7:30-9:00pm


2004-5/U 13 and U14 Girls

Sunday, May 14          7:30 – 9:00pm


2004-5/U13 and U14 Boys

Sunday, May 14          6:00-7:30pm


2000-3/U15-18 Girls

Sunday, May 14          7:30-9:00pm (PREVOST Field at RHS)


2000-2003 Samba Boys

Sunday, May 21    6:00-7:30pm (PREVOST Field RHS)