In the shadow of the Limerick Nuclear towers, the 2004 Radnor Samba conducted an electric performance in the PAGS league final. Coach Stacey Adams’ Radnor side short circuited an otherwise impressive Penn Fusion squad.

With victory in the final, the ladies of Radnor secured a prestigious “Double” (1st place in league table & victory in playoff Final), a feat often reserved for Barcelona, Bayern Munich & Manchester United. The 2004 ladies of Radnor are now listed among the elite of global football by securing the “Double.”

Facing a formidable Fusion attack, Minister of Defense, GK Josie Solomon never blinked securing a “clean sheet” posting a 1-nil victory. The fortification in front of Solomon dubbed the “no goal patrol” featured Fiona Ryan, Mia “the anchor” Vitanzo, Debbie Armstrong, Norwegian, Emily Martinsen & Netherlander, Julie Breedveld. This stingy line of defenders provided GK Solomon with a security blanket that would protect a newborn pup.

Meanwhile, the rhythm and melody of the Samba midfield allowed the Radnor drum to beat loudly leaving Penn Fusion gob smacked as the ball was pinged from player to player. Chilean sensation, Paulita Rudnick, shared the bounty with her surrounding cast of Sydney Cheeri-O’shea, Tellian “the gazelle “ Schwarz, Footloose-E Henkel, Emily “Ed” Dressel, Caroline Marky Mark & the little General, Abby Kloss.

With a perfect meld of defensive destruction & midfield magic the attacking corps had a myopic task of creating one game winning tally for the impassioned Radnor squad. “The Assembly line” including Colby Macaione, Annie Herrin & Edie “big Mac” Mackenzie created a work of art that would make Picasso proud. The crafty Macaione slalomed along the outer flank and from the bi-line served a well targeted laser to Annie “the express train” Herrin who finished impressively. As the final whistle sounded, the cacophonous Radnor supporters danced the day away while the Samba girls hoisted their hardware high over their heads. Radnor 1 – Penn Fusion Nil, as the “Double” is securely on display in the Samba showroom.