In past years, RSC had a la carte programs in the winter and spring.  Players could choose to play YSC session 1 or 2, futsal session 1 or 2 or some combination.  For a number of reasons, that has changed.

For our Samba teams, the new program includes an expectation that all Samba players will play ten months.  There are two parts to the program: fall and winter/spring.  For our Rio and Santos teams, we continue to offer winter and spring separately.  For both groups, the winter portion of the program includes one training session and participation in YSC Session 2, which begins in mid-January.

The winter program was originally planned to include one indoor training session per week from December through mid-March and one YSC game per week (i.e., participation in both YSC sessions).  Two things happened recently to change the original plan

First, we recently learned last week from the township that we would have much less gym time at Sulpezio than we had last year and that we expected this year.  The decrease resulted from the increased needs of rec basketball.  We were able to secure some additional slots elsewhere but nowhere near enough.

Second, YSC Session 1 began earlier than expected – games begin while we still have multiple teams finishing up their fall outdoor seasons, others in playoffs and even more in the Welsh Cup or other tournaments.

The original plan also anticipated that the kids would have about two weeks off between the end of the fall season and the beginning of the winter season.  We felt that some time away from soccer after playing continuously since August was in their best interests.  Participating in YSC 1 would have eliminated the fall/winter break.  We felt that was bad policy as a club.

In response to these two developments, we made two changes.  The first was to eliminate YSC 1 as part of the “official” program.  After finding out about the lack of gym space, we considered adding YSC 1 back in.  Ultimately and for the reasons discussed above, we decided not to.

Second, we had no choice but to come up with an alternative for some teams and age groups to the anticipated weekly indoor training session.  Accordingly, 2003-2006 birth year teams will practice outdoors for at least part of the winter program.  2005 and 2006 teams will alternate indoor and outdoor practices.  2003 and 2004 teams are scheduled at this point to practice outdoors through the winter.

We hope to “sublet” gym space from rec basketball once its season gets up and going if they find they have excess.  We will continue to look for additional indoor space as well. But we cannot count now on obtaining additional indoor space.

While new for Radnor, outdoor winter training is not uncommon.  Delco and the Central League both have outdoor winter leagues.  Obviously, the training schedule will be adjusted to account for severe weather.

We believe that, one our players and parents experience outdoor training as part of the winter program this season, it will become a normal and accepted part of RSC’s curriculum.  While expected of Samba players, participation in the winter/spring program is not required.  If you feel this is not for your child, you can of course make that determination.

We would have preferred to have announced this program earlier.  The township’s decision on the indoor space threw a monkey wrench into those plans (and we are glad we did not prematurely announce a program it turned out we could not deliver).

Please feel free to direct to our President any additional questions or feedback either by email ( or phone (646-256-6333).