On Saturday, Nov 12, 2016, Radnor Soccer Club’s Boy’s 2003 Samba team defeated Penn Legacy 2-0 to win the Delco D1 Championship 2016 Final. This is the first time since 1993 for a RSC team to win a Division 1 or PAGS Championship. Our Samba Boys 2003 team was well organized and defended fearlessly, their midfield dominated possession and their offense created multiple scoring opportunities, two of which resulted in excellent goals.

The success of this RSC team is a perfect example of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” Outstanding team work has been the key to success in combination with a rock solid defense, organized midfield and an energetic offense. This Samba team has had to overcome many individual and collective challenges throughout the season; including some injuries which resulted in key players being unable to play for long periods of time. Tamas Kinyo, the team coach has consistently challenged the boys technically, tactically, physically and mentally and as a team they have clearly risen to his challenge! In addition, Tim Chung – Assistant Parent Coach and Bill Quinn – Team Manager, have provided tremendous support to the team throughout the season. RSC’s Samba B2003 success, in addition to RSC’s 2004 Girls Samba Team becoming the 2016 PAGS champions!, is a powerful indication of RSC’s continued upward trajectory as a competitive soccer club.

Back row: Tamas Kinyo (head Coach), Liam Ryan, James Pratt, Peter Vitale, Samuel Chung, Antonio Chadha, Sebastian Kaper, Joe Seidl, Jack Heery, Alex Fraser, Tim Chung (assistant coach)

Front row: Matthew Miller, Deke Magen, Ryan Goldstein, Mat Liotta, Tucker Milhous, John Serlenga, Tyler Quinn