At base, RSC remains a community soccer club.  Nothing reflects this more than our ongoing reliance on parent coaches for the Radnor Soccer League, our recreational and developmental league for K-12 athletes.

We are pleased to announce that our best trainers and teachers will conduct two clinics to help our RSL parent coaches and potential parent coaches learn how and what to teach our RSL athletes.  Here are the details:

For Whom:    Any RSL parent coach or prospective parent coach.

By Whom:      The clinics will be conducted by Alan Mezger (RSC Director of Soccer), Kirk                                Johnson (RSC Director of Boys Travel), David Castellanos (RSC Director of Girls                        Travel), Thorne Holder (Director of the RSL) and Matt Torresani (Asst. Director                             of RSL).

When:             Tuesday, August 22d and Tuesday, August 29th from 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

Where:           Encke Field at Radnor High School.

Why:               So your kids think you are the most awesome coach ever!


Please email with additional questions or to let us know you will be there!