We are extremely excited to have David Castellanos as our Director of Coaching for the Girls Travel Program and head coach for our 2009 Girls Samba team.  David brings ten years of college head coaching experience (and a lot of other great experience, too!) to RSC.  He discusses why he came to Radnor, how he views RSC and his plans for the program:

Q:  Why Radnor and why now?

A:  Radnor is a fantastic club servicing a great area of young talent. At this stage of my career, I wanted to get involved again at the younger ages.  The young players reinvigorate my       passion for this game and I love helping players get the necessary tools to be successful in soccer and in life.  When Alan approached me, I was very excited to join him and the club.

Q:  What have you seen so far that you have liked?

A:  The facilities and support have been fantastic.  Radnor has great potential and I want to help improve the soccer culture.


Q:  Which is more important in your mind, practices or games?

A:  Training for me is fundamental. Making sure our players at Radnor have good habits, pay attention to detail, and have strong technical skills are the primary goals. Achieving those should of course lead us to getting some wins in matches as well.


Q:  What are your expectations for this year, of the players and of the families?

A:  My expectation for our players is simple; first and foremost, we will have FUN! We will create a competitive soccer environment while enjoying the game.  Second, is to use the game of soccer to teach life lessons. For our parents, we want them to support their child as much as possible according to our club guidelines.


Q:  You are overseeing the coaches of twelve travel soccer teams. What do you expect of the coaches you are overseeing?

A:  We have a great group of coaches from all different ages, cultures and backgrounds.  My goal for all my coaches is to teach with passion and to be a great role model. If my staff teaches with passion, hopefully it engages the player and make them fall in love with the sport.


Q:  Why have you chosen to coach the youngest age group?

A:  It’s incredibly important that we equip our youngest teams with a solid soccer foundation. I think I can have the greatest impact by working directly with the youngest group.