Radnor Travel Team Information

Knowledgeable and dedicated trainers serve as the head coaches for all travel teams. The trainer leads both weekly training sessions and serves as head coach during league and tournament matches.

As we are a proud Community Club the starting point is that each participant must be Radnor Township residents or attend school in Radnor Township to be eligible to join the program. However, a number of non-resident children may participate in the RSC travel program at the sole discretion of the RSC director of coaching and subject to Club policy.

Travel Team Player Expectations

For our best teams in each age group (Premiere / Samba), it is expected that there will be consistent and dedicated participation in our fall, winter and spring program. We encourage kids to play multiple sports and understand it can be hard to fit it all in. However, we expect kids participating at this level will be dedicated to their team.

For Santos and Rio teams it is expected that kids are engaged in the fall season. If there is a desire from that group of kids to play soccer in the winter and spring as well, RSC will facilitate these teams with skilled coaches.

The overarching goal with the RSC travel program is to enhance the skills of each player and thereby the team by providing quality coaching in a structured, competitive yet fun environment. Our goal can only be achieved by having kids in the program who are enthusiastic about soccer.

All players are expected to abide by the Player Code of Conduct and the Concussion Policy, both of which can be found in the policies section.

Age GroupGame Format
U84 v 4
U97 v 7
U107 v 7
U119 v 9
U129 v 9
U1311 v 11
U1411 v 11
U1511 v 11
U1611 v 11
U1711 v 11
U1811 v 11

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