Radnor Travel Soccer

Radnor Travel Team Information

Professional trainers serve as the head coaches for all travel teams.  The professional trainer leads both weekly training sessions and serves as head coach during league and tournament matches. A qualified parent coach is selected as assistant coach.  This approach is designed to deliver a high-quality training experience, heavily focused on player development, while also encouraging an appropriate level of qualified parent coach involvement.

Participants must be Radnor Township residents or attend school in Radnor Township. A limited number of non-resident children may participate in the RSC travel program at the sole discretion of the RSC coaching committee and subject to Club policy.

Due to the changes mandated by USYS in 2016, all age groups for travel soccer for fall 2017 onward will be done by birth year. Children must tryout for the appropriate age level team. Children may not “play down" for any reason.


Age groups for Fall 2018

Age Group       Birth Year        Game Format

U8                    2011                4 v 4

U9                    2010                7 v7

U10                  2009                7 v 7

U11                  2008                9 v 9

U12                  2007                9 v 9

U13                  2006                11 v 11

U14                  2005                11 v 11

U15                  2004                11 v 11

U16                  2003                11 v 11

U17                  2002               11 v 11

U18                  2001                11 v 11